Once a customer made their first purchase, your relationship officially started! Then, everything depends on you and your following actions, i.e., post-purchase email campaigns. 

Post-purchase emails are the emails and flows sent to the customers right after they have bought something in your store. They help you keep your first-time customers engaged and boost customer lifetime value. 

Zoe Ward, Optimisation Strategist at PRWD, says, “A company’s most loyal customers are also its most profitable.” 

The right post-purchase email campaigns sent to the right clients at the right time can easily turn your first-time customer into your second-time customer and then into your loyal client. 

These email campaigns aim to gain your clients’ trust and become their first-picked and favorite resource. 

The first post-purchase emails on our “get-more-loyal-customers” list are transactional emails. Yeah, they are an amazing chance to tempt people back to your website. Basically, there are two types of transactional emails:

  • Order Confirmation Emails
  • Shipping Notification Emails

When a person makes a purchase, they receive an order confirmation email, an open rate of which is INSANE — 70%! Why so? People expect these kinds of letters since they want to make sure they didn’t make any mistake when submitting an order. 

That’s when you can come to play. 

When getting the confirmation email, customers still think about your brand and remember it — it’s the best time to connect. 

Add a product feed to your confirmation email. 

Of course, firstly, you have to include all the necessary information the clients expect to see there, such as confirmation of the contents and the order, details on shipment, and contact information. But then, you can add a product feed with 3 to 4 bestselling products. That’s how you kill one bird with two stones — take care of your clients and showcase your best selling things. 

Try to be concise since many options could literally deter your clients, and they would leave. 

Using Klaviyo, you can make your offers relevant to your clients’ needs — the program creates recommendations based upon popularity and recorded purchase data. However, using this Klaviyo feature requires some coding skills. 

The next post-purchase that can increase your customer lifetime value is shipping notification emails. 

“What’s so special in shipping notification emails?” you may wonder. 

Sending timely, they can boost your customers’ experience and lead to more loyal clients down the road. Again, you show that you care. 

The main shipping email parts:

  • Your order is packed and ready to ship 
  • Your items have been delivered
  • Out-for-delivery
  • Delivered

Customers may worry about the shipment process. Your main goal is to calm them down by proving that everything is under control. Provide your clients with accurate details regarding the status of their orders. Also, make it easy to get in touch with you — highlighting the Contact Us button is a perfect option. 

The next emails on our list are Thank you emails, which are literally essential when it comes to humanizing a business. And humanizing a business is an essential part of creating customer loyalty.

Your clients need to feel special, and thank you emails are a reliable method to make them feel special. By showing your gratitude, you reach the primary goal of this article — increase your customer lifetime value.

In the offline world, it’s much easier to say thank you when a client makes a purchase in your store. The online world needs to look for an alternative. In one research, 44% of clients said they would likely become repeat buyers after a more personalized experience when dealing with a company. So, why don’t you use this opportunity? 

Besides, several studies proved that thank you emails’ open rate is huge — more than 60% of customers are likely to open them. 

When sending a thank you email, keep in mind time. While the Order Confirmation email goes out immediately after a customer buys something, the Thank You email is sent 24 hours later. 

Nevertheless, it would be awkward to thank your customers every time they buy something. Or… annoying. That’s why you should consider segmenting your buyers and send the Thank You notes on specific occasions. Here’re a few good examples:

  • When a customer makes their first purchase;
  • When a customer subscribes to your newsletter;
  • When a customer joins an event or a webinar;
  • When a customer reaches a particular milestone (makes a purchase for the 3rd, 5th, 10th time; spends $100, $500, $1000). 

What’s more, you can go even further and add something special to your email. For instance, give you customers a tip about a product they’ve just purchased or a link to a useful resource. You have to ignite the customers’ desire to open the next Thank You email without hesitation. That’s it. 

Thank you for reading this article till the end, we truly hope it was useful. Apply these little tricks to take the best out of your post-purchase emails and get more loyal clients.