It’s the question every business person should ask themself.

What does it mean to be loyal to your business? Of course, it is not the story of Hachikō, but it is pretty similar. 

Loyal clients will support and recommend you to others, enlarging the number of your potential customers almost for free. Your task is to maintain their interest and trust. Keep reading and discover how to build customer loyalty and increase your income!

Product’s quality matters

Although it is quite obvious, we would still like to mention that there is no sense in customer loyalty strategy if your goods can’t solve clients’ problems. They should be easy to use when we talk about devices, tasty when we talk about food, beautiful when we talk about clothes, and so on… You got the idea. 

Check the quality and provide customers with a wide variety of your products, develop the brand, and improve availability. 

Customer experience as a top priority

The majority of the new clients are likely to buy over and over again if they had a good customer experience for the first time. The quality of customer care is the key point to building loyalty. 

Create personalized content since everybody wants to feel special:

  • Congratulate the clients on Christmas;
  • Wish them a happy birthday;
  • Remind them about important events in their lives.
  • Make the registration process as quick as possible, and store clients’ data. 

Nobody wants to type their address, phone number, and last name every time they order the product. Also, don’t forget about the website. It should be well-designed and understandable, with the relevant contacts, products descriptions, and the opportunity to contact customer service.

Most users use phones for online shopping, so make sure that your website supports the mobile version and is quickly downloaded.

Write in a friendly language and translate your website page to other foreign languages. Speaking your customers’ native language can significantly increase clients’ loyalty. 

Loyalty and referral programs

Loyalty and referral programs are powerful tools that make a customer loyal to your business. Is there anyone who doesn’t like discounts? Or promo codes? Gift cards and free shipping? 

All of the above are the advantages the active buyer can get after completing a couple of orders, and it is a loyalty program used for new clients as well. Providing loyal customer service can help you encourage repeat purchases among existing customers and maintain their trust.

The referral program is quite similar to the loyal one. Yet, in this case, clients get bonuses only when they recommend the company to a friend or relative. 



Starbucks' loyalty program

Source: Starbucks official website


And it works for both sides.

On the one hand, some feedback left by a random user can encourage the other client to buy the product. Real experience values more than a well-written item’s description and a perfect picture. The more feedback you have, the more people will buy your product. 

On the other hand, you can use feedback to communicate with your clients. How to create customer loyalty when you don’t know the problems they face? Ask clients to leave a small comment about their shopping experience and if there are any problems, fix them as soon as possible.

Remember: an easy and quick buying process is a key factor in building customer loyalty and encouraging new purchases. 

The main goal of every business is to create a trustworthy relationship between the client and owner, which can increase sales and brand recognition. And enlarging the number of active customers loyal to your product can definitely help you with that.