Consumers’ behavior changes every year (if not every quarter), so do the Black Friday marketing strategies. Falling behind in revenue throughout the shopping weekend is unsexy as all get out. To avoid this, the businesses have to be more than up-to-date. 

To help you make a go of this intensive 5-day battle (yeah, starting from Black Friday and up to Monday called Cyber Monday), we have gathered the top 6 marketing strategies to rock it all and get as many high-quality clients as possible. 

Extend Your Black Friday Email List 

The efficiency of email marketing is unbeatable. With-it people know that email marketing can’t bring juicy results without an extended list of users interested in special sales and offers.

On Black Friday, it’s even more important — you need to grow your email list with people who are truly interested in the upcoming holiday season. For this, you can create an email popup a few weeks before the big date targeting new visitors who would like to reap benefits from the Black Friday sale. 


Here, except for collecting new emails, you captivate new visitors by offering them something special. In this example, it’s an additional 30% OFF. 

Let’s be honest — everybody likes feeling peculiar, and when you offer this chance to your potential clients, you make a go of it. 


Including a countdown ignites the feeling of anticipation and the desire to join the big sales party. Add a note of surprise: 

“Join the party and get a special gift!” 

The clients don’t know what exactly you are offering. This makes them lead into action and make this bold move —  leave their email address. 

Catch Early Birds

Pre-sales are a thing! Many brands start their Black Friday sale on Friday and end it on Monday. So typically… But who said that Thursday is not allowed to be invited to this huge sales party? 

Black THURSDAY is your chance to get more and higher... More purchases, more clients, higher revenue, and higher brand recognition. 

For instance, send an email informing about Black Friday a day earlier and show your clients you’re ready to play this game on Thursday. Of course, it doesn’t mean they will be warm enough to make a purchase right off the bat…


But you will remind them once again about yourself and make them more prepared to rock their shopping lists on Friday. Bingo! 

Don’t Give Up on Latecomers 

Extending your sale is a smart move that helps engage those who missed a standard Black Friday period. This so-called buffer period is a great chance to embrace a wider audience and increase your revenue. 

Doggyloot decided to bring Black Friday back, and we suggest this strategy is top-notch. Since you extended your Black Friday email list (if you followed the first marketing strategy in this article), you have a lot of with-it people who would be on cloud nine to get the second chance to save money on your products/services. 

Oh, and don’t overlook enticing CTA to make them click on it. Believe us, it matters. 

Schedule Your Pop-ups 

Pop-ups are not just for collecting emails (but still, they are an unbeatable strategy for completing this mission successfully). With pop-ups, you can convey your most important messages to the right people at the right time. 

The main problem businesses face during the Black Friday holiday is the customers who leave the site without buying anything. The competition is only increasing, and the abandoned cart rates get only higher — the users leave your site in the hope of finding a better deal.  


Smart pop-ups can help you solve this problem in a blink. 

For example, offer them any Black Friday deals that work well with your budget — free shipping, a discount code for extra savings, “two for the price of one” thing, etc.  

Schedule your pop-ups in advance according to the purposes you want to achieve and offer your clients the value they couldn’t dismiss. 

Here, Route One offers a freebie and thus, encourages its clients to add even more products to their shopping cart. 

Get the Best Out of Your Abandoned Cart Emails 

Guess when the highest levels of cart abandonment are? Yay, Black Friday takes the crown in this competition! Customers get so many offers from different shops and wade through them in search of the best deals. And it’s absolutely ok. 

They act differently, and YOU have to act differently as well. 

Usually, the abandoned cart emails are sent 2-3 days after the clients leave your site without making a purchase. During the Black Friday timeline, this period can be shortened. You can reach your potential clients right away. 

Yeah, you’ve read it right — you have to catch them while they are still shopping. 15 min, 10 min, 5 min — the faster, the better! 

NORDSTROM knows perfectly how reminder emails work. Their main goal is to reconnect with potential clients by reaching them on a more personal level. In fact, the message is pretty simple: “Hey, we noticed you LIKED these items. You can still buy them and get free shipping/ 20% OFF/ a gift. What’s more, you may like these items as well (propose them more things). 

And that’s it! Your abandoned cart emails can bring you far more new clients than you may expect. Just act a bit differently.