Digital marketing is an essential element of every business, no matter what products or services it provides. Owners spend tons of money on social media promotions, landing pages, and websites, but many usually forget about email marketing or consider it outdated. 

Some say that emails don’t work for young people, while others say they don’t work at all. That is because the user can unsubscribe anytime, or the letter can get into the spam folder. 

If you also think so, think twice. There are more than 4 billion email users globally, and 60% of them are sure that emails influence their buying decision. Keep reading to discover more advantages of email marketing! 


All-inclusive format

If you are looking for an effective way to promote your new collection, emails are a perfect choice to increase jewelry sales and website traffic. One email template can combine visual and written content, call to action button, and lead your client just to your website. 

Let's take a look at the example below. The design is pretty simple — a picture on the white background, a short text, and a “Discover Our Creations” button taking you directly to the official website page. 

Bulgari’s welcoming letter

Source: Bulgari official newsletter

There is contact information at the bottom of the letter, which can also help to promote your social media. Customers don’t need to search for a link in bio or read a long post — they can see the products in one click. It significantly improves customer experience and encourages clients to come back for more. 


Special events and loyalty program

 Communication is essential, especially when we speak about a luxury niche. If customers don’t trust you or are not sure about your product’s quality, they are unlikely to spend $50, what to say about hundreds or even thousands of dollars for jewelry. 

A well-organized newsletter process can help you build a trustworthy relationship. If it is a new client and you know nothing about their preferences, send them a welcoming message and invite them to look through your website. 

If you are lucky to get the first purchase, analyze it and create a personal offer for that client to send the next time. A necklace is always a perfect match for a pair of earrings, a ring can come with a bracelet, and so on. 

Abandoned cart email can work for one-time or active clients. The letter will just remind the customer that the order is almost complete and the beautiful accessories will be right here.

Don’t forget about clients’ birthdays and wedding anniversaries; wish them Merry Christmas and Happy New Year; give them discounts, promo codes, and coupons; send them personalized offers. 

In other words, do your best to make them feel special, and they will thank you with regular purchases and recommendations to their friends. Use email marketing to increase brand awareness and encourage repeat purchases. 


Win your clients back 

Ok, now you know what emails new, one-time, and active clients expect to receive, but what’s about churn and dormant? Churn and dormant clients are the ones who were active some time ago but don’t buy now. Here, our task is to encourage them to do so. 

It is called “a win-back email." You just send a letter to remind them about a new collection, give a discount, or ask to write a comment about their purchasing experience. Maybe, there were some problems with a website, or the product was damaged – use this information to improve your service and not lose other clients. 


Email marketing works for every step of a customer’s lifecycle, helps to keep the clients updated, and encourages them to buy your product. It can turn dormant buyers into active ones, so it is definitely worth including in your next digital marketing strategy as one of the promotional channels.