Many newbie bloggers make a lot of mistakes when it comes to influencer marketing. Influencer marketing, in simple words, is a reliable way of getting new followers.

Of course, it's not for free.

You have to find popular bloggers and pay them to promote your blog. But sometimes, even when the chosen influencer does a good advertisement, the results don’t meet your expectations – people are just not interested in your page.

What are the reasons for that? Keep scrolling down, and you will discover how to prepare your account for influencer marketing and avoid wasting your budget.  

Imagine Your Blog Is Your Thesis Work

Well, a strange comparison, but they have something in common. Do you remember what you did before starting your diploma paper? Yes, firstly, you have set a topic and your research aims.

Here, it's the same.

Try to analyze your blog and find your niche – lifestyle, traveling, psychology, or whatever you like. After that, think about your blog goals.

Perhaps, you want to create courses and guides, collaborate with brands, or provide professional consultations as a doctor or a lawyer. Actually, there are many ways to earn money on social media; you just have to find yours. 

The next essential part of our list is your target audience.

Look through your blog statistics to discover followers’ age, location, and gender. Such analysis will help you to understand their needs and create a better influencer marketing strategy. It is crucial to choose bloggers with similar interests for promotion.

That's why mothers-oriented bloggers will search for someone who has children or plans to have them in the future. They will never buy an advertisement from a childfree blogger, as it doesn’t make any sense. 

Write a Good Bio 

Bio is the first information new followers will see when they come to your page. It is a very brief description of who you are and what you want.

Firstly, you should choose a profile photo of good quality, where your face can be easily seen. Then write your name, which can be your brand name as well. Describe your interests or current profession – it will help the audience understand your niche. You can also add some catchy or intriguing phrases, like “I kick balls” or “Blend, but don’t blend in.”  


Source: Sydney Leroux`s personal Instagram blog


Source: James Charles`s personal Instagram blog

If you want to sell something, leave all the links and mentions in your bio. It is essential, especially for commercial accounts. What’s more, it is the easiest way to promote your product and encourage people to buy it. You can use some hashtags, emojis, and emails, but remember to stick with 20-40 words. The less, the better.


Source: Murad Osmann`s personal Instagram blog 

Improve the Visuals

Yeah, today, visual content matters more than the blog’s written one.

Your posts can be super-duper helpful, but nobody will read them if you have an awful picture. New readers look through your photos first, and only after that do they decide to continue reading.

In order to attract new followers, provide professional visuals with similar styles and effects. Many people think that bloggers are lazy bones who do nothing and make a lot of money. Try to prove them wrong, as there is actually tons of work behind the camera.

Create Engaging Activities to Get Closer to Your Audience

Before asking other bloggers for your promotion and getting ready to meet new followers, establish good relationships with the audience you already have. We call it a loyal audience, namely the people who support you and stay tuned all the time.

You should speak to them, share your personal experience, or ask for a piece of advice. The best way to attract people is to create some special activities, which will be unique for your blog.

For example, once a week, you can play the “Never have I ever” game, where the audience is allowed to ask anything, and you should answer in a funny way. Some bloggers can write a set of posts on the same topic. It can be an interview with a foreigner or something like “The story of how I moved to the USA in a month”.

Make your audience learn something new about you and build a trusted relationship with them. Enlarge your followers` amount naturally and when you hit more than 1000 subscribers, create your marketing strategy and start the paid promotion. 

Follow these tips to prepare your account for successful influencer marketing and keep going!