There is no doubt that every business owner or blog writer expects their website to bring clients and sales as they put a lot of effort into its promotion.

However, sometimes the number of page views just stays the same for months, and you keep wasting your advertisement budget in vain. Keep scrolling down and find out the reasons and the ways to increase your website traffic right now!

  1. Check your content 

Does your website have original information? Do you update it often? If you are unsure about these two points, it's better to start with your content. Provide your website visitors with unique facts they can't find in other sources, write in a simple way, and make them engaged. 

The website page has to be structured, user-friendly, and well-designed. Use grids, pictures, or infographics to vary the written content by the visual one and increase the page's readability. 

  1. Create catchy headlines and keywords

Ok, your content is engaging, useful, and well-organized. The next step is to pay attention to your headlines and include keywords. 

Keywords are the word combinations you write in the web browser while searching for new information. What did you type to find this article? You have definitely used something like “website traffic”, “promote your website,” “web traffic generation,” which we included here, and voila, you are reading this article right now! 

You can create keywords by yourself, but it needs a thorough analysis of the similar content in your niche and a lot of time. Also, you can use keyword tools, automatically providing you with a list of related word combinations and improving your marketing strategy. 

Source: Semrush official website

  1. Time is money

Remember that the visitors will never wait for the page to upload. If your website is not technically optimized, it can cause a lot of problems – the text will not be structured, pictures won't be supported, and won't appear at all. 

The potential clients will just leave and look for other sources. It is not how you get traffic and make a popular website, so check everything before the promotion. 

  1. Don't forget about mobile users

The majority of people use their phones more often than computers or laptops. Mobiles are more comfortable in use, so when the website is only adapted to computers, you will lose more than 50% of your sales, for sure. Customize your page for every device to drive traffic to your website, not away from it. 

  1. Use social media

Social media are powerful tools of promotion. Many people have already built up a successful business with the help of Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, and even Reddit and Quora. 

You put the link in your Instagram bio or create videos on Youtube and leave the link in your description, asking your subscribers to visit and look through it. Every account is niche-oriented, so the audience will be interested in your website, as they like your content. Social media will increase organic traffic and bring you more and more new clients. 

If you don’t want to manage a social account yourself, try influencer marketing. Collaborate with bloggers and promote your website. Such networks as Reddit and Quora can also be useful to get close to your audience. Be active and answer the users in the comment section, but don’t spam. Leave the link only if you are sure that the information you are sharing is exciting and relevant. 

Increasing your website views is not rocket science. You just need to produce creative content, develop a solid technical background, and engage your audience through social media sources. Use the tips below, analyze your mistakes if there are some, and watch the number of your website visitors increase every day!