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Crafting memorable & converting e-commerce experiences
Creating bespoke technology solutions for ambitious brands. We build performing, customisable, and converting websites that maximise user retention and revenue.
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At Webstaff, we're more than just an agency. We're a team of dedicated experts who are passionate about building long-term partnerships with high-growth brands.

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Shopify Design & Dev

We specialize in crafting bespoke, visually stunning Shopify stores that not only capture your brand's essence but also offer an unparalleled user experience. Our team of seasoned developers ensures seamless functionality, empowering you to stand out in the competitive e-commerce landscape.

Migration to Shopify

Our skilled team handles every detail, ensuring a smooth transfer of your existing store data, products, and customer information to the Shopify platform. With our expertise, your business can swiftly adapt to this robust and scalable e-commerce environment, unlocking new possibilities for growth and efficiency.

Theme customisation

Tailor your Shopify store to perfection with our theme customization services. We delve into the nuances of your brand to modify and enhance Shopify themes, creating a unique and engaging online experience for your customers. Our approach blends aesthetics with functionality, ensuring your store not only looks exceptional but also performs flawlessly, providing a seamless shopping experience for customers and maximum control for store admins.

Pre-Built Solutions

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Portfolio Selected Work

Take a look at some recent projects we’ve worked on

Casa di Luce

Casa di Luce's transformation: From cumbersome Magento to sleek, user-friendly Shopify customization.

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Jamu Wild Water

Brought award-winning designs to life, crafting an exceptional performing Shopify theme.

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Material Good

Exquisitely mirrored luxury brand essence in a bespoke Shopify theme.

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Studio Deve

Fused art and commerce, translating bespoke designs into Shopify reality.

View project

Crafted an exclusive bundle builder for Crossfly, elevating the customer's personalization experience.

View project

Engineered a bespoke order funnel with tailored upsells, elevating the entire shopping journey.

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Our process Proven system that works every time start now
Step 1: Discovery call

Our process starts with a discovery call to understand your vision and needs. This initial conversation helps us grasp your brand's identity, target audience, and challenges, setting the stage for a Shopify solution that aligns with your business objectives.

Step 2: Research & Wireframing

Following the discovery call, we delve into research and wireframing, laying out the blueprint for your Shopify store. This phase involves analyzing market trends, competitor strategies, and customer behaviors to inform the design. Our team then creates detailed wireframes, providing a clear visual guide of your store’s layout and functionality, ensuring an optimal user experience from the start.

Step 3: High-Fidelity Design

Progressing to high fidelity designs, we transform wireframes into detailed, polished visual representations of your final Shopify store. This step ensures that every element - from color schemes to typography - aligns with your brand identity, providing a realistic preview of the user interface and overall aesthetic appeal of your online presence.

Step 3: Development

This stage transforms high fidelity designs into a functional Shopify site. Our team focuses on coding and constructing your store, ensuring seamless integration and performance, turning your vision into a dynamic, user-friendly website.

Step 4: Testing & Launch

Before launching, we rigorously test your Shopify store for functionality, usability, and responsiveness across devices. This ensures a flawless shopping experience for your customers. Once satisfied, we proceed with a smooth launch, setting your brand on its path to e-commerce success.

Customer testimonials Hear it from them

Wow, what a difference! The team nailed our Shopify site design and it looks amazing. Sales are up and our customers love the new look. These guys are super talented and easy to work with. Can't recommend them enough!

Lisa Ispani Founder, Tallulah & Hope

The custom touches they added to our Shopify theme are just what we needed. They totally got our vision and brought it to life online. Our site now really pops and our customers are loving it. Big thanks to the team for their awesome work!

Tanya Mykhaylova Ecommerce Director, Casa di Luce

The pre-built sections they provided made setting up our Shopify site so easy. Updating our site is now a piece of cake and our team can get it done in a minute. Loving the new look and how simple it was to get there. Great job, guys!

Gigi Kurtanidze Agency Owner, UGC Viral

I've worked with a lot of developers and Dima and his team are the real deal. They get to the bottom of your needs and get creative with their solutions. My go-to team for anything Shopify!

Ika Lob Founder, Megobari
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